Verse of the Day…Romans 8:31

Verse of the Day…If God is for us, who will be against us? Romans 8:31

The Golden Gate Bridge was completed in 1937. It took 2 phases and over $35 million dollars to accomplish this. In the 1st phase nothing was used for the safety of the builders. Because of that…23 men fell to their deaths. Now they got a little smarter in the 2nd phase and set up a net for security purposes. 10 men fell…but didn’t die because why? The net caught them of course! So naturally production increased. The men felt more secure and were able to give the project 100%. Unfortunately in life…security can be very elusive. Different things can affect it…like crimes, divorce, losing a job, physical or emotional issues, etc. Paul writes this verse because he’s amazed at the goodness and unconditional love of God. He’s not really asking a question. In the Greek…if(ei) is a confident word…basically it means, what follows is fact. If God is for us (and He is) who can possibly be against us?…Some days, of course, we will feel discouraged and defeated. Sadly…we’re just human at this point and time, and Evil seems to win little battles. However, we always have comfort in knowing that God Loves us and is on our side. Because of that we will win the war! He will lead us to victory! So in the dark times…remember this verse and make it personal…If God is for Andrea, who can be against Andrea? I know that’s right!! 🙌🏻-

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