Doppelgänger…it’s a real thing!


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We took a vacation every year when I was a child. One year we went to Sea World in Orlando, Florida. Just mom, dad and myself.  My mom was always the photographer on our trips so she was seldom in our trip pics. This is an important fact…so remember it as I tell my story.

We had just finished feeding the stingrays, which is the coolest by the way, and mom decides it’s time for a photo. Cheese! There was no such thing as digital cameras in the 70’s so we had to have the film developed. It usually took about a week. The pics finally came back and we were looking through them remembering our trip when we came across the photo at the stingray exhibit. We all thought it was a great picture of our little family until mom said…wait, that’s not me. I was taking the picture!

Needless to say I believe in the doppelgänger. So does my mom…since she’s seen hers


I’m Proud Trump is my President

I’m so proud to call Donald Trump my president. Yes I voted for him! I’m sure most already knew that. He’s not perfect. But there has never been a president who was. What Trump does have is a heart for our military…which is faaaarrrrrrrr more than I can say about the one before him. We just came through a presidency that despised our military, never honored our flag or what America stood for. There are people who actually stood for obama when he did NOT stand for you. I was really afraid for my son who had just joined the army during Obama’s term. They were not treated with the respect they deserved and weren’t taken care of. And oh my! The scary things we had to look forward to if Hilary took office…How do you lead a country you don’t respect or love? For those of us that have prayed for a president that loves our country and military…and actually wants to make America better…I believe we’ve finally got him.

I was so proud to watch all Trump did to respect Memorial Day. He was humbled by the reality of so many that have died just so we can have our opinions. That, my friends, hasn’t happened in years. The military continued their respectfulness to the fallen soldiers, marines, airmen, seamen, etc. They have continued to be faithful, and steadfast in their service. Doing what was right. Being true patriots. Even when their commander and chief despised them and what they stood for.

There are many people that will read this and not agree. Mainly because you have never been in the military or have never had anyone you love in the military. You haven’t seen or heard the horror stories from the past presidency or even the Clinton administration. If you had…you would understand my words about coming through the Obama presidency and into the Trump presidency. It was a complete turnaround coming from a president who hated our military and despised what they stood and died for…to a president that respects and honors what your husbands,sons,grandsons, and friends stood for and died for.

I’m thankful my son, that has such a heart for his country and those he loves in it, finally has a president in his lifetime to look to and know that he appreciates him. Trump appreciates my son and others that are serving their country. He understands and tries to honor what they’ve already sacrificed…what they will continue to sacrifice until the time they decide they’ve done all they can for their country.

That’s really how a true soldier and president should look at their jobs isn’t it? They love their country, what it stands for, and the people in it so much…that they give all they have…fight for it…no matter the odds…until they’ve done all they can for it.

I’m very proud of my son. And yes, I’m proud to call Trump my president.

Verse of the Day…Romans 8:31

Verse of the Day…If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31

The Golden Gate Bridge was completed in 1937. It took 2 phases and over $35 million dollars to accomplish this. In the 1st phase nothing was used for the safety of the builders. Because of that…23 men fell to their deaths. Now they got a little smarter in the 2nd phase and set up a net for security purposes. 10 men fell…but didn’t die because why? The net caught them of course! So naturally production increased. The men felt more secure and were able to give the project 100%. Unfortunately in life…security can be very elusive. Different things can affect it…like crimes, divorce, losing a job, physical or emotional issues, etc. Paul writes this verse because he’s amazed at the goodness and unconditional love of God. He’s not really asking a question. In the Greek…if(ei) is a confident word…basically it means, what follows is fact. If God is for us (and He is) who can possibly be against us?…Some days, of course, we will feel discouraged and defeated. Sadly…we’re just human at this point and time, and Evil seems to win little battles. However, we always have comfort in knowing that God Loves us and is on our side. Because of that we will win the war! He will lead us to victory! So in the dark times…remember this verse and make it personal…If God is for Aundie, who can be against Aundie? I know that’s right!! 🙌🏻

3 Little Changes

We all have differences of opinion, different views, that’s what makes us unique as a nation. Be thankful God has placed us in a country that allows us to express them.
Let’s just think for a moment…what if…I was born in a country that didn’t allow differences of opinion, or free thinking period. What if the leaders of that country arrested me for saying anything against the president/ruler? What if I disrespected the flag? I wouldn’t get a rap on the hand and be told to change my thinking. I wouldn’t even be thrown in jail. I wouldn’t be given public recognition and “hero worship”. I would be executed.

There are really those countries. This is reality. We are a blessed people. To be born in a free country…just riding in on the coat tails of the ones that made it free. Our fore fathers. You know…the guys that have the memorials of them that other people have been tearing down all over America. We should be thankful to be in this country. We should be thankful to the men and women that have fought and are fighting to keep us free. We should be proud to be an American….To have the most beautiful flag in the world. It stands for our freedom. Don’t disrespect it just to make a “point”. We shouldn’t be fighting amongst ourselves. We should be lifting each other up. We should be fighting our true enemies. We have to unite as a nation if we are ever going to win this war on terrorism. We’re allowing them access to our home. They are waltzing right into America and blowing up our buildings and our people. We have allowed this because it’s not a priority to us. We’d rather fuss and argue over a tweeting President or whether we should or shouldn’t kill babies.

Here’s your answer on that…no you shouldn’t kill babies! Abortion is murder on the innocent but that’s another subject and post.

Alright…I’m going to get off my soap box and end with this. Pledge allegiance to our country and flag. Pray for our leaders instead of grumbling and complaining about them. Love your neighbor as yourself. Wow….can you imagine how different we would be as a nation? Just by changing 3 little things.

All You Have Are Memories

To all young mothers who wonder if you will ever get privacy or “alone time” in the bathroom…

Plan these times if possible between naps, play dates, preschool, and as they get older, dates and jobs.

Once they grow up, join the Army and move to Alaska you will miss the little fingers under the door and that sweet little voice saying…”Whatcha doing Mommy? Poopin’?” Or, when they get a little older and they want to play games with you and “nature calls”. They’re too young to understand the “take a break” concept. So they’re at the bathroom door pressing their ear against it and talking through the crack saying…”Aren’t you finished yet?” Oh! This is my favorite. They’ve drawn something and want you to see it, but they can’t wait because they might explode. So they run to the door and say…

Son…”Look at this Mom!”

Me…”I will when I get out baby.”

Son…”Well hurry up!”

Me…”Give me a minute!”

Son…(as he’s sliding the paper under the door) “SEE IT?”

And you think…will I ever have a Calgon moment?

Well Yes…Yes you will…and it will be the most lonely experience of your life! Treasure these moments now. Put them in your memory vault. One day, that’s all you’ll have left.


2:30 am, we have to stop meeting like this…

Well, here I am again…Up. Too awake to go to sleep and too tired to do anything. So…why not blog a little.

I’m curious, does anyone else have this problem? I mean, I know I’m not the only one or docs wouldn’t have all these meds that don’t work right? So far tonight I have taken 20mg of Melatonin and a nerve pill. Nothing. I’ve tried everything from Ambien to Benadryl. I even tried the infamous Z-Quil. That was a joke by the way! Warm milk, warm baths, lavender essential oils…You name it…I have tried it! My insomnia knows no bounds.

The thing that bothers me isn’t really the fact that I can’t sleep. Staying up until the wee hours of the morning is such a peaceful time. Everyone is safe in bed. So I’m not wondering where they are. Does everyone feel alright? Nobody has their feelings hurt? Is each person getting the attention they need? This quiet time to myself can be very freeing. Not to mention, I have the television to myself. I can actually watch a movie from beginning to end without interruption. That may not seem like much to you but let me tell you…it means a great deal to me.

My husband watches a movie all the way through and then leaves at the end. He misses it! How can you not watch the end of a movie? Oh it’s not just movies. I’m talking, sitcoms, reality, etc. So, if I’m watching a movie or one of my shows, I have so much anxiety when it starts winding down, because my husband has the unusual talent of coming in and messing up the end. EVERYTIME! It never fails. Direct T.V. has this ability to pause live shows and rewind them. Genius! I was so excited when that came out. I felt like they made it just for me! Bless him! He really is a sweetie. Just really bad timing.

Wow! I went down a rabbit trail. So it isn’t really the fact that I can’t sleep that bothers me the most. It’s the fact that when my period of not sleeping is over, I sleep for days. I’ve actually went days straight without going to bed…at all. Of course our bodies aren’t made to do that for very long. Eventually it will shut down to reboot itself. When my body does this, I sleep for days…only getting up to go to the restroom. You really can miss a lot of life when you’re sleeping through it. I believe that is what bothers me the most. I have missed some opportunities in my life because of days like those.

I suppose I’ve said all that to say this…if you suffer with this problem and you have found a solution that works for you, please let me know. I’ve tried everything the docs have to give. Even all the “aides” at Walmart or CVS. So surprise me! 

Let Me Make the Introductions

Hello! I’m Aundie Blue! I’m a wife of 24 years and the mom of a soon to be 20 year old Army Soldier. I’m an artist, a teacher and I’m also a researcher. So I’ve been doing some research on this blogging thing. In doing so, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is something I’d like to get into.

I have so many opinions on a multitude of topics. Because of sickness I’m unable to get out and interact with people like I’m used to doing. Of course I use Facebook as an outlet but I just hate it when others write those long stats so I didn’t want to do that either.

The lightbulb finally came on….I’m going to Blog! This is fair warning. Blueology has now gone .com!

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