What Do I Like Most About NC?

I was born and raised in NC…except for three years in Tampa FL…and there are many things I love about this state. I live in the Piedmont which is between the mountains and the coast. Perfect location because we aren’t far away from either. We can drive to the mountains or the beach for a weekend trip. Very convenient for a quick getaway.

We also have four true seasons. Our fall is crisp and beautiful, winters are cold but mild. Sometimes I wear flip flops all year long. Spring is cool with flowers and trees budding everywhere you go. The animals are having babies. Kids are getting excited because summer is right around the corner. Because we’re a southern state we do have hot summers. And yet they aren’t as hot as GA or FL. They have what I call, swamp heat. You can’t go outside without feeling all swampy. Some days our temps reach 100+ degrees but those are few and far between.

I guess if I have to narrow it down to what I like the most. It would have to be the people. The south in general has friendly people. It’s our culture. We’re a lot more laid back. Now don’t get it twisted…just because we speak slowly…doesn’t mean we’re stupid. We also tend to rise up if we see our way of life threatened. NC residents aren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination…who is? We have our felons, rude and some hateful people. But for the most part, we are some of the friendliest, kindest, and most compassionate you’ll ever meet. We care about others and yes…southern hospitality is a real thing. We take pride in where we came from and how we treat others. We raise our children to say yes ma’am, no ma’am, please and thank you. We love our sports. Especially football, and baseball. It seems like our kids are on teams before they’re potty trained. Church isn’t just a place to worship and get our minds focused on what matters after a long work week. It’s also a place for everyone to catch up with one another before the next work week begins. At the end of the day there’s nothing like sitting (or swinging) on the front porch, waving at cars as they pass, drinking sweet iced tea from a mason jar, and watching the kids catch fireflies as it gets dark. In the end, we know what’s important….God, family, and friends. In that order.

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