Think Before You Speak



Have you ever said things, and when they were spoken, you wish you hadn’t? Boy I have!  I’ve had so many “Was that out loud?” moments, to last 2 lifetimes. Like I said in a previous blog post, I’m getting better. At least I’m trying. I found something that’s been helping me. It’s 5 questions I ask myself before I run off at the mouth. Check it out…


The first one is really important! Is what I’m about to say true? This is how gossip gets started. Don’t say it if it’s not true.  Duh! Who wants to spread lies? Liars! I believe we all know at least one person like this and we all probably wish we didn’t. So simply speak truth.

Then…is it helpful to the conversation or person? Or are you adding fuel to the fire? Is it giving a solution to the problem? Or is it making it worse? Is it something they can use? Or are you just wanting to run that mouth? Make sure what you say is helpful.

Is it inspiring? Or are you bringing people down with your negativity? Or are you speaking life into someone? Making them want to be even better than they are. We need to lift each other up more and stop tearing each other down. Inspire someone!

Is what you’re saying even necessary? Is it necessary for them or for you? If it’s not really for them maybe you should just write it in a journal or blog. Sometimes it isn’t even necessary to defend yourself. In some situations it’s more beneficial to just be silent.

The last is what we all need to work on I’m sure…Is what you’re about to say kind? Are you about to say something to make this person feel good about themselves? Is it what you would want to hear? Or will it make them feel bad about themselves? Making others feel worthless is not a goal we should have in this life. If we aren’t kind in our speach then that could happen very easily. Be kind!

I guess the whole point here is to be mindful of our speach. Choose our sentences carefully. We can’t just say whatever comes in our heads. We all need a filter. Sometimes we just have to slowdown, take a step back and think before we speak.


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