Samantha vs Rosie

Samantha vs Rosie

I cannot stand Samantha B…I’ve never liked her! Now I remember why.

She is the most disgustingly poor excuse for a woman that I’ve ever known. What she called Trump’s daughter was truly deplorable. (I hate even using the word deplorable because I proudly call myself that for being a Trump supporter) I don’t care if it was Hilary Clinton she called that…of course if it would’ve been…her show would’ve been canceled…but since she’s trying to degrade Trump’s family it’s ok.

Oh and Sally Fields used to be my favorite female actress back in the day but after I read what she put to defend Samantha B…I’m disgusted with her as well!

It’s a complete double standard and it’s blatant! Liberals and Conservatives both can see it! You’d have to be blind not to! I’m not a huge Roseanne fan ok? There are things that she’s stood for (maybe still does I don’t really know) that I haven’t agreed with. But that’s her right as an American citizen. My right is not to support her by watching her show. BUT…when she tweeted the bad taste comment about Jarrett, she apologized admitting it was in bad taste, and they canceled her show!


Roseanne is a Trump supporter and she’s made it known. The TV station has made it known they don’t like it. I believe if she hated Trump and said the same thing, her show would still be running.

This is still America correct? Everyone should be treated the same right? If it’s in the manual to cancel a show for what these two have done then cancel it…Samantha B’s too! If not…then they need to put Rosie’s show back on the air and give these people their jobs back! Both need to be treated the same! Roseanne, in my opinion, didn’t say anything as disgusting as SB, but on a different level it was just as bad…at least she did sincerely apologize and didn’t give the poor excuse of an apology SB did.
Who would’ve thought, in this day and time, in America, you could be persecuted for who you support or don’t support? I proudly say I’m a Trump supporter and everyone that knows me…knows that. I have friends that are not. They were upset when he won just like I was upset when Obama won. That’s the fun of politics! Republican vs. Democrat!  I’m not going to treat people like they don’t mean anything because of their beliefs. I can state my opinion and they can state theirs and we will agree not to agree.

Because in the end…it doesn’t really matter…we are all the same…AMERICANS!

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