Bite Your Tongue!


That is one of the hardest lessons for me to learn! I know, I know, everybody thinks I’m this precious, patient person that never speaks back to anyone right?…BLAHahahaha! I’m sorry…that’s just too crazy for anyone to believe! Everyone that knows me, knows I have a hard time holding anything back! I’m probably the most confrontational person you’ll ever meet. BUT!!! God has really been working on me. This year especially. I do have an opinion on just about everything I care about, (even things I don’t give a doodley squat on), but sometimes my opinion has been known to get a little vicious. Especially in person.

I don’t like injustice of any kind. I also feel like someone should always stand up for those that can’t for themselves. I believe that is what God would have us do. But there’s a way in which we should go about it. We can’t lose our sanctification in the process. We have to wait on God to give us the words or we could end up doing more harm than good.  Ask yourself some questions. Am I standing up for what is right? Do I know the whole story? Am I speaking truth? Here’s a good question to look at truthfully…Am I correcting the problem or am I just reacting to what was said?

I have been known to get so fired up at what someone said that I have just blasted off at the mouth and…it always has done more harm than good. I’ve lost a friend or two in the process. At the time it felt good to “get it off my chest” but right after the blasting I felt like the biggest heel and I always had to go back and apologize for my part.  If I had just stopped and thought first. If I had just stopped and prayed first. I knew while I was going off that it wasn’t right. I could feel God tugging on me to quit. “Andrea…Andrea…” (He calls me by my real name)…you don’t know the other side…you don’t know where they’re coming from…Andrea…you aren’t setting the example I need you to…Andrea…my child…stop…stop…” When I was finished and the other person was close to tears or mainly in shock…I’d walk away all huffy and blown up, like yea that’s right…don’t mess with me…I’m a baaaad chick….and….I did so much harm to my witness, my example.

I  got to myself and was like….wow…God I messed up…”crickets”…I shouldn’t have handled it that way…”crickets”…you were trying to tell me weren’t you? “Crickets”…then the waterworks came, because believe it or not…I also am one of the most tender hearted people you’ll meet too…I can’t stand when someone truly gets their feelings hurt and I honestly don’t like to hurt people’s feelings…ok back to the waterworks…God I’m sorry I didn’t listen! I’ve messed up! Please forgive me for not listening! I’m so sorry! Please don’t stop loving me……  You know…God always hears us. Sometimes…with me anyway…He steps back and let’s me figure it out. “I forgive you Andrea…(that’s God by the way)…”you know I love you”…”I forgive you for not listening”. God always forgives us when we ask. He loves us without conditions! But!! Don’t think that just because God Loves and forgives us…there isn’t a consequence. Even if the other person forgives you the words are still out there…the witness you had is gone and it takes a long time to build that back. You may lose a friend over it.  You may lose an ally. You may lose respect. Just like a child has a consequence for disobedience…you, as an adult, when you disobey God, will have a consequence as well.

Ohhhhhh myyyyyy….if I had only stopped and looked at the situation first. Heard both sides. Prayed! Then I probably would’ve saved myself a whole lot of problems…

I’m happy to say that I am learning now to “pray before I say!” I’ve learned that God can handle things so much better than I can…you know that’s just another matter of pride…to think you can handle it better than God?   How arrogant and obstinate can one person be? The sooner we learn this one little lesson. This lesson that seems like the hardest one to learn…Hold your peace and just let God handle it. Stop and let God! However you want to say it! Write it down!  Stick it to your bathroom mirror…stick it on your fridge…stick it on your forehead! Whatever it takes to get that in our heads we need to do it! It will save us so much heartbreak and trouble. God will fight for us…He said He would. Trust Him. Hold your peace…bite your tongue…and let God do what is best…

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