I’m Proud Trump is my President

I’m so proud to call Donald Trump my president. Yes I voted for him! I’m sure most already knew that. He’s not perfect. But there has never been a president who was. What Trump does have is a heart for our military…which is faaaarrrrrrrr more than I can say about the one before him. We just came through a presidency that despised our military, never honored our flag or what America stood for. There are people who actually stood for obama when he did NOT stand for you. I was really afraid for my son who had just joined the army during Obama’s term. They were not treated with the respect they deserved and weren’t taken care of. And oh my! The scary things we had to look forward to if Hilary took office…How do you lead a country you don’t respect or love? For those of us that have prayed for a president that loves our country and military…and actually wants to make America better…I believe we’ve finally got him.

I was so proud to watch all Trump did to respect Memorial Day. He was humbled by the reality of so many that have died just so we can have our opinions. That, my friends, hasn’t happened in years. The military continued their respectfulness to the fallen soldiers, marines, airmen, seamen, etc. They have continued to be faithful, and steadfast in their service. Doing what was right. Being true patriots. Even when their commander and chief despised them and what they stood for.

There are many people that will read this and not agree. Mainly because you have never been in the military or have never had anyone you love in the military. You haven’t seen or heard the horror stories from the past presidency or even the Clinton administration. If you had…you would understand my words about coming through the Obama presidency and into the Trump presidency. It was a complete turnaround coming from a president who hated our military and despised what they stood and died for…to a president that respects and honors what your husbands,sons,grandsons, and friends stood for and died for.

I’m thankful my son, that has such a heart for his country and those he loves in it, finally has a president in his lifetime to look to and know that he appreciates him. Trump appreciates my son and others that are serving their country. He understands and tries to honor what they’ve already sacrificed…what they will continue to sacrifice until the time they decide they’ve done all they can for their country.

That’s really how a true soldier and president should look at their jobs isn’t it? They love their country, what it stands for, and the people in it so much…that they give all they have…fight for it…no matter the odds…until they’ve done all they can for it.

I’m very proud of my son. And yes, I’m proud to call Trump my president.

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