Doppelgänger…it’s a real thing!


via Daily Prompt: Doppelgänger

We took a vacation every year when I was a child. One year we went to Sea World in Orlando, Florida. Just mom, dad and myself.  My mom was always the photographer on our trips so she was seldom in our trip pics. This is an important fact…so remember it as I tell my story.

We had just finished feeding the stingrays, which is the coolest by the way, and mom decides it’s time for a photo. Cheese! There was no such thing as digital cameras in the 70’s so we had to have the film developed. It usually took about a week. The pics finally came back and we were looking through them remembering our trip when we came across the photo at the stingray exhibit. We all thought it was a great picture of our little family until mom said…wait, that’s not me. I was taking the picture!

Needless to say I believe in the doppelgänger. So does my mom…since she’s seen hers


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