3 Little Changes

We all have differences of opinion, different views, that’s what makes us unique as a nation. Be thankful God has placed us in a country that allows us to express them.
Let’s just think for a moment…what if…I was born in a country that didn’t allow differences of opinion, or free thinking period. What if the leaders of that country arrested me for saying anything against the president/ruler? What if I disrespected the flag? I wouldn’t get a rap on the hand and be told to change my thinking. I wouldn’t even be thrown in jail. I wouldn’t be given public recognition and “hero worship”. I would be executed.

There are really those countries. This is reality. We are a blessed people. To be born in a free country…just riding in on the coat tails of the ones that made it free. Our fore fathers. You know…the guys that have the memorials of them that other people have been tearing down all over America. We should be thankful to be in this country. We should be thankful to the men and women that have fought and are fighting to keep us free. We should be proud to be an American….To have the most beautiful flag in the world. It stands for our freedom. Don’t disrespect it just to make a “point”. We shouldn’t be fighting amongst ourselves. We should be lifting each other up. We should be fighting our true enemies. We have to unite as a nation if we are ever going to win this war on terrorism. We’re allowing them access to our home. They are waltzing right into America and blowing up our buildings and our people. We have allowed this because it’s not a priority to us. We’d rather fuss and argue over a tweeting President or whether we should or shouldn’t kill babies.

Here’s your answer on that…no you shouldn’t kill babies! Abortion is murder on the innocent but that’s another subject and post.

Alright…I’m going to get off my soap box and end with this. Pledge allegiance to our country and flag. Pray for our leaders instead of grumbling and complaining about them. Love your neighbor as yourself. Wow….can you imagine how different we would be as a nation? Just by changing 3 little things.

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