All You Have Are Memories

To all young mothers who wonder if you will ever get privacy or “alone time” in the bathroom…

Plan these times if possible between naps, play dates, preschool, and as they get older, dates and jobs.

Once they grow up, join the Army and move to Alaska you will miss the little fingers under the door and that sweet little voice saying…”Whatcha doing Mommy? Poopin’?” Or, when they get a little older and they want to play games with you and “nature calls”. They’re too young to understand the “take a break” concept. So they’re at the bathroom door pressing their ear against it and talking through the crack saying…”Aren’t you finished yet?” Oh! This is my favorite. They’ve drawn something and want you to see it, but they can’t wait because they might explode. So they run to the door and say…

Son…”Look at this Mom!”

Me…”I will when I get out baby.”

Son…”Well hurry up!”

Me…”Give me a minute!”

Son…(as he’s sliding the paper under the door) “SEE IT?”

And you think…will I ever have a Calgon moment?

Well Yes…Yes you will…and it will be the most lonely experience of your life! Treasure these moments now. Put them in your memory vault. One day, that’s all you’ll have left.


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