Are Ghosts Real?

Ok. I’ve answered this a couple times already on Quora and I see a lot of negativity about believing in the supernatural. People are getting slammed because they believe in things others have never experienced. Let’s cut through the muck right here. You aren’t crazy just because you believe differently than some one else. Some people are more sensitive to things around them than others. Some people are so against believing in anything but what’s in black and white and can be touched and seen by everyone. This, my friends, is where faith comes in.

Faith is a real thing. It has a definition and it’s in black and white. (Eye roll) It means complete trust in someone or something…like God, spiritual realm, things unseen.

Yes…I am a Christian and I say it proudly. Much that I learned about the supernatural came from the Bible as a child. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t had my own experiences. If that makes me psychotic…then I’m the most stable psychotic person of all time. I’ve been happily married to the same man for 25 years and have raised a strong American soldier that loves his country and his family and is ready to give his life for both. Ive taught bible from age 14 to 44. I’ve been a history/art teacher for 15 years, and I am loved by many people. (Real people…)

If you believe in God, then you must believe in angels and in turn, Satan and demons. I believe much of the supernatural phenomenon is from these. Possessions are demons…not angry souls of once alive humans that have gone rogue. I get my info from….you guessed it…the Bible. New Testament is riddled with examples of people who are possessed by demons, anywhere from 1 to a legion. Jesus asked the name of the of the demon in one young man, and he said “legion because we are many. “ Also, in the Bible there are many examples of angel sightings. Angels are messengers from God. He sent one to Mary to tell her she was going to have a son and she was to call him Jesus. God sent a host of angels to some shepherds in a field to let them know Jesus was born. There are also examples in the Old Testament of both demons and angels. When I was a child, an angel came to me as well. I’m not going into that because it’s a special thing to me and most people would disrespect it. I was also thrown across the room by a demon. The only person in the house was me. There was physical proof with big bruises and a limp. So you see, I believe in angels and demons.

Now ghosts…I have to admit I’m a little torn on. There is an example of a ghost. When King Saul went to see the witch of Endor because God had stopped talking to him for his disobedience. The witch summoned Samuel (the last judge of Israel and the advisor to Saul before he died.) so I know it can happen. I just think they must be summoned and God must allow them to be seen at times. The witch couldn’t have summoned Samuel without God permitting it. I still don’t really believe that ghosts just roam the earth because they missed the light. Solomon (wisest man who ever lived) wrote in Ecclesiastes 12:7….the spirit will return to God who gave it. Paul, (used to be Saul when he persecuted Christians. God changed his life beginning on the Damascus Road and later changed his name to Paul), says that ‘to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord‘ (2 Cor. 5:8). It’s that simple: If you’re a Christian and you aren’t in your body then you are with Jesus in heaven. Not roaming the earth shaking chains and moaning because they’re miserable and have no where to go

Now I know a lot of you will say, oh the Bible is just a storybook. We don’t believe in fairytales. Well these “fairytales” are backed by many historical resources dating back thousands of years. Written resources…like our history books. There have been scientists who’ve actually found evidence of biblical happenings. Robert Ballard found evidence of Noah’s flood. They’ve found evidence of Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea…like chariots, man and horse skeletons, Mt. Sinai, where God gave Moses the 10 commandments, the garden tomb, the place of the skull, etc. we won’t even get into the evolution/creation theory. It takes more faith to believe that subatomic particles ran into each other and bang! Look it’s planets! Than to believe there is an almighty God that spoke it into existence.

I hope this cleared up some things for those that needed an explanation. This is my belief. I’m not pushing my belief on anyone. We must all find our way.

i don’t mind questions. But I won’t tolerate being bashed or others being torn down. If you don’t agree with me that’s fine. I’m adult enough to agree to disagree and move on. I hope you are as well.

What Do I Like Most About NC?

I was born and raised in NC…except for three years in Tampa FL…and there are many things I love about this state. I live in the Piedmont which is between the mountains and the coast. Perfect location because we aren’t far away from either. We can drive to the mountains or the beach for a weekend trip. Very convenient for a quick getaway.

We also have four true seasons. Our fall is crisp and beautiful, winters are cold but mild. Sometimes I wear flip flops all year long. Spring is cool with flowers and trees budding everywhere you go. The animals are having babies. Kids are getting excited because summer is right around the corner. Because we’re a southern state we do have hot summers. And yet they aren’t as hot as GA or FL. They have what I call, swamp heat. You can’t go outside without feeling all swampy. Some days our temps reach 100+ degrees but those are few and far between.

I guess if I have to narrow it down to what I like the most. It would have to be the people. The south in general has friendly people. It’s our culture. We’re a lot more laid back. Now don’t get it twisted…just because we speak slowly…doesn’t mean we’re stupid. We also tend to rise up if we see our way of life threatened. NC residents aren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination…who is? We have our felons, rude and some hateful people. But for the most part, we are some of the friendliest, kindest, and most compassionate you’ll ever meet. We care about others and yes…southern hospitality is a real thing. We take pride in where we came from and how we treat others. We raise our children to say yes ma’am, no ma’am, please and thank you. We love our sports. Especially football, and baseball. It seems like our kids are on teams before they’re potty trained. Church isn’t just a place to worship and get our minds focused on what matters after a long work week. It’s also a place for everyone to catch up with one another before the next work week begins. At the end of the day there’s nothing like sitting (or swinging) on the front porch, waving at cars as they pass, drinking sweet iced tea from a mason jar, and watching the kids catch fireflies as it gets dark. In the end, we know what’s important….God, family, and friends. In that order.

Think Before You Speak



Have you ever said things, and when they were spoken, you wish you hadn’t? Boy I have!  I’ve had so many “Was that out loud?” moments, to last 2 lifetimes. Like I said in a previous blog post, I’m getting better. At least I’m trying. I found something that’s been helping me. It’s 5 questions I ask myself before I run off at the mouth. Check it out…


The first one is really important! Is what I’m about to say true? This is how gossip gets started. Don’t say it if it’s not true.  Duh! Who wants to spread lies? Liars! I believe we all know at least one person like this and we all probably wish we didn’t. So simply speak truth.

Then…is it helpful to the conversation or person? Or are you adding fuel to the fire? Is it giving a solution to the problem? Or is it making it worse? Is it something they can use? Or are you just wanting to run that mouth? Make sure what you say is helpful.

Is it inspiring? Or are you bringing people down with your negativity? Or are you speaking life into someone? Making them want to be even better than they are. We need to lift each other up more and stop tearing each other down. Inspire someone!

Is what you’re saying even necessary? Is it necessary for them or for you? If it’s not really for them maybe you should just write it in a journal or blog. Sometimes it isn’t even necessary to defend yourself. In some situations it’s more beneficial to just be silent.

The last is what we all need to work on I’m sure…Is what you’re about to say kind? Are you about to say something to make this person feel good about themselves? Is it what you would want to hear? Or will it make them feel bad about themselves? Making others feel worthless is not a goal we should have in this life. If we aren’t kind in our speach then that could happen very easily. Be kind!

I guess the whole point here is to be mindful of our speach. Choose our sentences carefully. We can’t just say whatever comes in our heads. We all need a filter. Sometimes we just have to slowdown, take a step back and think before we speak.


Samantha vs Rosie

Samantha vs Rosie

I cannot stand Samantha B…I’ve never liked her! Now I remember why.

She is the most disgustingly poor excuse for a woman that I’ve ever known. What she called Trump’s daughter was truly deplorable. (I hate even using the word deplorable because I proudly call myself that for being a Trump supporter) I don’t care if it was Hilary Clinton she called that…of course if it would’ve been…her show would’ve been canceled…but since she’s trying to degrade Trump’s family it’s ok.

Oh and Sally Fields used to be my favorite female actress back in the day but after I read what she put to defend Samantha B…I’m disgusted with her as well!

It’s a complete double standard and it’s blatant! Liberals and Conservatives both can see it! You’d have to be blind not to! I’m not a huge Roseanne fan ok? There are things that she’s stood for (maybe still does I don’t really know) that I haven’t agreed with. But that’s her right as an American citizen. My right is not to support her by watching her show. BUT…when she tweeted the bad taste comment about Jarrett, she apologized admitting it was in bad taste, and they canceled her show!


Roseanne is a Trump supporter and she’s made it known. The TV station has made it known they don’t like it. I believe if she hated Trump and said the same thing, her show would still be running.

This is still America correct? Everyone should be treated the same right? If it’s in the manual to cancel a show for what these two have done then cancel it…Samantha B’s too! If not…then they need to put Rosie’s show back on the air and give these people their jobs back! Both need to be treated the same! Roseanne, in my opinion, didn’t say anything as disgusting as SB, but on a different level it was just as bad…at least she did sincerely apologize and didn’t give the poor excuse of an apology SB did.
Who would’ve thought, in this day and time, in America, you could be persecuted for who you support or don’t support? I proudly say I’m a Trump supporter and everyone that knows me…knows that. I have friends that are not. They were upset when he won just like I was upset when Obama won. That’s the fun of politics! Republican vs. Democrat!  I’m not going to treat people like they don’t mean anything because of their beliefs. I can state my opinion and they can state theirs and we will agree not to agree.

Because in the end…it doesn’t really matter…we are all the same…AMERICANS!

Bite Your Tongue!


That is one of the hardest lessons for me to learn! I know, I know, everybody thinks I’m this precious, patient person that never speaks back to anyone right?…BLAHahahaha! I’m sorry…that’s just too crazy for anyone to believe! Everyone that knows me, knows I have a hard time holding anything back! I’m probably the most confrontational person you’ll ever meet. BUT!!! God has really been working on me. This year especially. I do have an opinion on just about everything I care about, (even things I don’t give a doodley squat on), but sometimes my opinion has been known to get a little vicious. Especially in person.

I don’t like injustice of any kind. I also feel like someone should always stand up for those that can’t for themselves. I believe that is what God would have us do. But there’s a way in which we should go about it. We can’t lose our sanctification in the process. We have to wait on God to give us the words or we could end up doing more harm than good.  Ask yourself some questions. Am I standing up for what is right? Do I know the whole story? Am I speaking truth? Here’s a good question to look at truthfully…Am I correcting the problem or am I just reacting to what was said?

I have been known to get so fired up at what someone said that I have just blasted off at the mouth and…it always has done more harm than good. I’ve lost a friend or two in the process. At the time it felt good to “get it off my chest” but right after the blasting I felt like the biggest heel and I always had to go back and apologize for my part.  If I had just stopped and thought first. If I had just stopped and prayed first. I knew while I was going off that it wasn’t right. I could feel God tugging on me to quit. “Andrea…Andrea…” (He calls me by my real name)…you don’t know the other side…you don’t know where they’re coming from…Andrea…you aren’t setting the example I need you to…Andrea…my child…stop…stop…” When I was finished and the other person was close to tears or mainly in shock…I’d walk away all huffy and blown up, like yea that’s right…don’t mess with me…I’m a baaaad chick….and….I did so much harm to my witness, my example.

I  got to myself and was like….wow…God I messed up…”crickets”…I shouldn’t have handled it that way…”crickets”…you were trying to tell me weren’t you? “Crickets”…then the waterworks came, because believe it or not…I also am one of the most tender hearted people you’ll meet too…I can’t stand when someone truly gets their feelings hurt and I honestly don’t like to hurt people’s feelings…ok back to the waterworks…God I’m sorry I didn’t listen! I’ve messed up! Please forgive me for not listening! I’m so sorry! Please don’t stop loving me……  You know…God always hears us. Sometimes…with me anyway…He steps back and let’s me figure it out. “I forgive you Andrea…(that’s God by the way)…”you know I love you”…”I forgive you for not listening”. God always forgives us when we ask. He loves us without conditions! But!! Don’t think that just because God Loves and forgives us…there isn’t a consequence. Even if the other person forgives you the words are still out there…the witness you had is gone and it takes a long time to build that back. You may lose a friend over it.  You may lose an ally. You may lose respect. Just like a child has a consequence for disobedience…you, as an adult, when you disobey God, will have a consequence as well.

Ohhhhhh myyyyyy….if I had only stopped and looked at the situation first. Heard both sides. Prayed! Then I probably would’ve saved myself a whole lot of problems…

I’m happy to say that I am learning now to “pray before I say!” I’ve learned that God can handle things so much better than I can…you know that’s just another matter of pride…to think you can handle it better than God?   How arrogant and obstinate can one person be? The sooner we learn this one little lesson. This lesson that seems like the hardest one to learn…Hold your peace and just let God handle it. Stop and let God! However you want to say it! Write it down!  Stick it to your bathroom mirror…stick it on your fridge…stick it on your forehead! Whatever it takes to get that in our heads we need to do it! It will save us so much heartbreak and trouble. God will fight for us…He said He would. Trust Him. Hold your peace…bite your tongue…and let God do what is best…

Fibromyalgia? You don’t look sick. 😡


The following are some funnies to lightheartedly inform those who have no idea, those that think they have a medical degree and can diagnose and treat fibro, and those that just don’t understand why you’re not able to go like you used to.  It’s also to encourage those who suffer everyday with fibromyalgia and may need a pick-me-up. It’s either laugh or cry. A merry heart diet good like a medicine…Proverbs 17:22





Thank you you for your time. I hope this was helpful. Y’all come back! Ya hear?

Seasoned With Salt?

Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity.Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone. 

Colossians 4:5-6 (NIV)

The first part of this verse is pretty self explanatory.  Basically act like you’ve got some sense toward non-believers.  We should always be representing Christ in the way we carry ourselves, our speech, and yes, even our dress. You can’t dress like a hooker and still expect non-believers, (or believers for that matter), to take you seriously as a Christian. But that’s a whole other subject that I may get to later.

The part of this verse that has always puzzled me is the “seasoned with salt”.  Let your conversation be always full of grace and seasoned with salt… Ok…we use salt to preserve food. There’s even salt in our sweat. According to South African folklore, native tribesman produced the first “jerky”, called biltong, by placing strips of venison meat under their horse saddle during travels across Africa. The chaffing tenderized the meat while the sweat would spice it. Kind of gross when you think about it…ew.

The Greeks thought of salt as an emblem of wit. So…the meaning here is that our speach should be sprinkled with piety and grace, pretty much the way you would season your food by sprinkling salt on it. It makes it taste better. Easier to go down. This makes our speech what it should be…useful, agreeable, and beneficial to others. Now this doesn’t mean we should always speak strictly religion all the time, any more than we should eat just salt.

Sprinkle your conversations with the spirit of piety and grace so you “may know how to answer everyone”…believers and non-believers.  So if someone comes to you and asks about your religion, or another subject, you will be able to answer them with understanding and not be rash or foolish. Even if…let’s say a guy comes up to you and loses his temper and says things that are overbearing and not very nice.  You should be able to hold your temper in check and answer him with gentleness, kindness and tolerance. Remember… A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. Prov. 15:1

So let’s have graceful speech, sprinkled with salt, and we’ll be reppin’ our Lord in all we say!

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